2013 Winners—New Media

Website: Consumer

Big M Winner: Bright Spectrum


TITLE: Taco Time Northwest Corporate Web Site: The Taco Time web site was redesigned to give users better access to nutritional and menu information to people on the go, to communicate core company values, and to emphasize the company’s local roots. A great representation of responsive design that handles layouts and usability differently at each breakpoint. Click on image above to view site.

CLIENT: Taco Time Northwest

CREDITS:  Bright Spectrum, Inc. – Web Development Team Gravity Design – CreativeOkRobot


Big M Winner: Creature


TITLE: Space Needle WebsiteThe Space Needle has defined Seattle’s skyline since its construction in 1962, where it stands as an optimistic symbol of the future. More than a million visit annually to enjoy a birds eye view of the surrounding city, and now millions more can get a virtual taste of what this icon has to offer by visiting their new online portal. Driven by the theme “Where Seattle Starts”, this website provides a starting point for any Seattle-based adventure while honoring the quirky, unconventional nature of the brand.

Upon arriving online, visitors are invited on an interactive tour, a mad trip taking you up and around this architectural wonder. A trip where one dodges clouds and seaplanes to pinpoint Mt. Rainier and learns fascinating tidbits about the Space Needle and the city that surrounds it. The journey continues by flying into the rotating restaurant, hovering over the Observation Deck and then jetting off into space to mingle with stars and satellites. Click on image above to view site.

CLIENT: Space Needle

CREDITS:  Chief Creative Officer/Managing Partner Jim Haven; CD/Design Dir. Clara Mulligan; AD Brandon Waterman; Designers Brian Bosworth, Jordan Rundle, Ellie Toomb; Writer Matt Grim; Acct. Mgr. Amy Vroom; Project Mgr. Amanda Rudolph; Interactive Dir. Brandon Waterman; Outside Vendors Royale/OkRobot


Silver M Winner: Copacino+Fujikado


TITLE: ShermometerThe agency wanted to tell the world about our new Twitter sentiment analyzer – a proprietary product that allows us to measure positive vs. negative Tweets for any specified topic. So we decided to show it off using a topic everyone was talking about, Richard Sherman. We analyzed more than 1.2 million Tweets over two weeks, plotting the Sherman saga from the NFC Championship through the Seahawks epic Super Bowl victory. The site generated significant traffic and buzz, including a segment on KIRO News Radio. Click on image above to view site.

CLIENT: Copacino +Fujikado

CREDITS: ECD Jim Copacino; CD Mike Hayward; Creative Technologist Nat Duffy; Online Developer Lonnon Foster; Digital/Social Media Coordinator Calvin Grover


Silver M Winner: DCG West


TITLE: Seattle Seahawks Ticket Renewal WebsiteComing off their first Superbowl win in 2014, we partnered with The World Champion Seattle Seahawks to redesign their ticket renewal microsite with a fully responsive solution connecting fans to the upcoming season. Click on image above to view site.

CLIENT: Seattle Seahawks

CREDITS: DCG Creative Team; DCG Web Team


Bronze M Winner: Efelle Creative

efelle site

TITLE: Responsive Website DesignThe agency’s new website redesign launched in Fall 2013. The long-page responsive website utilizes HTML5 and features parallax imagery, isotope masonry, scrolling portfolio screenshots… and even staff profile theme songs. The large imagery, retro typography, bold colors and clean lines make for an approachable and memorable site design while still appealing to the professional client demographics. (The old site, as a comparison, may be viewed at www.efellemedia.com.) Click on image above to view site.

CLIENT: Efelle Creative

CREDITS: Designer and Founder Fred Lebhart; Developer Brian Garland


Bronze M Winner: RocketDog Communications


TITLE: Microsoft Jobs BlogComplete redesign of the Microsoft Jobs Blog. This new site is a custom WordPress implementation. We took what was a basic blog and turned it into a full featured websiteClick on image above to view site.

CLIENT: Microsoft

CREDITS: CD Michael Elliott; Designer Jeni Mattson; Developers Marc Emerson, Allen Rowland


Website: B2B

Big M Winner: The Seattle Times


TITLE: The Seattle Times Mediakit site: The goal of this project was to create a website that provides the perfect balance of visual engagement with that of utility and organization. A requirement was to show off our design and marketing sensibility as well as provide information on the Seattle region and The Seattle Times advertising product portfolio and services. The site also needed to have the ability to capture lead data, create user engagement and provide a platform for sharing educational marketing content. Click on image above to view site.

CLIENT: The Seattle Times

CREDITS: CDLaura McAdoo; AD Linda Bell; Project Lead Sandra Bird (B2B Marketing Manager); Designer Bryan Fell; Writer Bree Coven Brown; Web Developer Daniel Meis; UX Designer: Sue Ann Harkey


Silver M Winner: 206 Inc.


TITLE: 206 Website206, a fully integrated consumer engagement agency located in the heart of Seattle, kicked off the year with a new site as dynamic and creative as the folks who work there. The site tells the story of 206, and more accurately, elegantly and dynamically showcases the broad range of work the agency does. Bold imagery, in-depth case studies, unique employee profiles, and a wide range of other content speak to the diversity of the company.. Click on image above to view site.

CLIENT: 206 Inc.

CREDITS: Shae Kuronen, Mike Grigg, Megan de Castro, Tad Harmon


Bronze M Winner: Hydrogen Advertising

TITLE: 12 Days of GivingGiving the right corporate gift is always tricky. How do you let clients and friends know that you appreciate them with a gift that won’t get left in the kitchen as “Free for the taking?” At our agency, we decided to give our friends the best gift of all: The gift of giving. Every day for 12 days, we chose a different global, regional or local nonprofit as the recipient of a gift — in our friend or client’s name. Besides the myriad of web hits and “thank you” emails, the most impressive result was our 100% re-gifting rate. Take that, fruitcake.

CLIENT: Hydrogen Advertising

CREDITS: CD Tom Scherer, Mary Knight; AD Scott Schmehl; Digital Artist Brian McCartney; Writers Mary Knight, Noël Fountain


Web Video


TITLE: Wish You Were Here: The holidays are a time when we hold friends and family dear. It’s when we miss those that can’t be with us the most. Well, what if you had the power to bring people together? Wouldn’t you use it?

CLIENT: Alaska Airlines

CREDITS: ECD: Tracy Wong; CD: John Schofield; Writer Mary LaCoste; Designer/AD Ramon Vasquez; Broadcast Producer Craig Potter; Acct. Dir. Kari Connor; Acct. Supervisor Andreea Niculescu; Dir. of Strategic Planning Jeff Whang; Project Mgr. Brooke Salisbury; Production Company Southdown Creative; Sound Design Clatter & Din


Silver M Winner: Seattle Goodwill

TITLE: Let It Go: Seattle Goodwill developed a fun video highlighting the “stuff people say” to recreate the conversations we often have with ourselves when it’s time to get rid of unneeded things. It’s not always easy “to let it go”, but when you’re ready, Goodwill will gladly accept your donations and find someone who’s going to love them. Seattle Goodwill relies on the generosity of our community to donate goods, which are sold in our stores to help fund our mission of providing free job training and education programs to individuals with barriers to employment, helping them find jobs and economic self-sufficiency.

CLIENT: Seattle Goodwill

CREDITS: In-house production management, concept development, scripting and casting. Contracted cinematography management to Redstone Pictures.


Bronze M Winner: Craters of the Moon

TITLE: Veterans Promise Coffee, “A Critical Time”: Today America’s veterans are experiencing a real economic crisis, not a threatened one. The sobering reality, our veterans are experiencing unemployment at a rate twice that of the US national average. More than 250,000 veterans will be added to the civilian job market every year through 2031. Veterans are also losing ground on the small business front. Since 2000, veteran self-employment has declined 21.6%. There is a critical need for America’s corporations, organizations and agencies to actively foster, support and engage small businesses owned and operated by veterans of our military. Veterans Promise Coffee™ (VPC) exists to provide opportunity and a small business path for post 9/11 veterans.

CLIENT: Veterans Promise Coffee

CREDITS: CD Kevin Nolan; Writers Chris Nolan, Kevin Nolan, Colleen Wilks; AD Kevin Nolan; Acct. Exec. Alyssa Zagorie; Director Chris Nolan; Editor David Bekoff; Production Company 90,000FT; Clients Ron Elgin, Colleen Wilks, Tom Ried



Big M Winner: Digital Kitchen

TITLE: Tinytron Super Bowl Companion: The agency created Tinytron, a live viewing experience designed to unite all Seahawks fans during the Big Game. For those fans not at MetLife Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, Tinytron connects fans to the joy, super superstitions and edge-of-your-seat moments of Super Bowl XLVIII. Simply visit Tinytron.tv from any iPad or laptop browser and set it next to your TV to experience the real-time excitement of a stadium-quality Jumbotron in your living room. Tinytron will react to all aspects of the Big Game, halftime show, and commercials. Fans will see energizing animations for first downs, touchdowns, big plays, and penalties, while also viewing relevant social media content from around the world. Click here to see it in action.

CLIENT: Digital Kitchen

CREDITS: Director Ben Chaykin; Creatives & Content Creators Ben Chaykin, Al Mendili, Jessica Katona, Ryan Delafosse; Creative Technologists Ben Chaykin, Corey Paganucci, Al Mendili; Producer Paul Williamson; ECD Matt Mulder


Silver M Winner: Blend Creates

 WINDOWS 8 APP 1366x768 ROUND 4

TITLE: Introducing Windows 8Design visuals and user interface for an app for use as an educational tool to aid in the sale of Windows 8 and Office 2013 for the Microsoft sales team and partners. The inside sales team and partners work with business users of 250 – 7,500 licensed seats. The purpose is to provide a consistent, thorough sales training tool for Windows 8 with detail supporting: – Knowing the customer and their business needs and concerns – Communicating the business value and features by product (Windows, Office 2013, Office 365, Server, etc.), by solution (productivity, mobility, security). Click on image above to view app.

CLIENT: Microsoft Corporation

CREDITS: Principal Andrea Sames; Designer Chris McInerney; Developer WiiPro


Bronze M Winner: Creature

App 01LG

TITLE: Commercialize SeattleThe Commercializer app for the Seattle Office of Film and Music, is part of the Commercialize Seattle campaign attracting more commercial production to the city. It’s an idea generator where you enter in the advertising situation you are in, plus a Seattle location, and it spits you out a custom film treatment and script you can print and present to client. Approval and awards guaranteed! To view, go to this site from your mobile device: www.commercializeseattle.com

CLIENT: Seattle Office of Film and Music

CREDITS: Creature