2012 Winners—Public Relations

Private-Sector Project

Winner: Gogerty Marriott



Five-Year Amanda Knox Reputation Management and Media Relations Campaign: The agency’s five years of efforts at reputation management and media relations culminated in the scheduling of the first in-person interview of Amanda Knox being scheduled with Diane Sawyer, of ABC News. All the major national news networks, as well as many cable and individual interviewers such as Oprah Winfrey, vied for this first face-to-face interview. Her ABC interview, as well as a number of follow-ups, are scheduled to coincide with the release of Ms. Knox’s book about her arrest, trial, conviction and exoneration on appeal in the murder of her roommate in Italy. Through five years of nearly constant and concerted effort working with international, national and local media, the agency was able to turn the tide of highly negative coverage and get the media to focus on the lack of evidence against Ms. Knox and on the positive aspects of her background. Using the network of major contacts he developed and tracked during the case, we battled frequent leaks of false and negative information from police and prosecutors who worked to influence public opinion about Ms. Knox.


Merit Award: Girvin


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Dannon’s Yogurt Culture Company: This project was an original, first-ever creation for Dannon, U.S. The overall challenge was to build a new retail experience and design strategy for Dannon in the U.S., and to create unique ways to position the product in the context of freshness and real farms. Building new communities in urban areas that may not have any consciousness about Dannon yogurt or their brand was a key goal of the project. In addition, Dannon wanted to develop a new revenue stream and build a real estate strategy for site acquisitions nationally.

The agency created the strategy for naming, brand, and design to build a retail experience offering fresh, farm-made Dannon yogurt and a unique process of service that expresses this brand storytelling.

The story needed to be told in a way that would attract a younger (25+) consumer, urban travelers, commuters, and city workers. Increasingly, Americans are looking for healthier solutions to quick meals. The retail location south of Grand Central Station, off Pershing Square was strategically chosen because commuters (via foot and bus) frequently pass through the area.


Merit Mention: Creature


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Northwest Film Forum: Local Sightings Film Festival: Local sightings film festival is the purest statement of this mission. A two week, jam–packed film festival celebrating only original works only from Pacific Northwest directors. For audiences, it’s chance to see impeccably crafted stories and outrageously fresh visual experiences before, literally, the rest of the world.


Public-Sector Project

Winner: Rich Marketing

2012 TWBS Teachers Guide-1

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Take Winter By Storm: Presenting ‘Take Winter By Storm’ (TWBS) – a public education campaign motivating Western Washington residents and businesses to take concrete actions in severe weather preparedness measures to ensure their safety, by introducing tips and 12 versions of preparedness checklists (in 9 different languages) – produced over 113M+ total earned, partnered and paid media impressions through print, online, mobile, radio, television and community outreach in 2012. Six pre-produced media events along with an educational print package, seven radio PSAs, seven television PSAs and three weather themed versions of online and mobile banner ads ran across the Seattle DMA and were trafficked in relation to the forecasted weather. Additional television PSAs were created staring all four Seattle network affiliates chief meteorologists. Overall, 2.5M+ checklists were distributed to area residents including educational outreach curriculum to 40K students. TWBS created measureable outcomes seen in pre-campaign to post-campaign survey results, providing an 87% increase in preparedness awareness and a 62% increase in TWBS brand awareness, and produced increases among 6 specific preparedness behaviors. TWBS also debuted the re-introduction of Seattle’s iconic T. Wheedle to the market, re-branding his personality with the TWBS campaign harking back to his roots as a weather shifting native creature with a change of heart to help residents prepare for severe winter weather. The TWBS campaign was again sanctioned nationally by the National Weather Service as an example for educational outreach of weather preparedness information, and again received Governor Christine Gregoire’s Proclamation as a campaign to watch for preparedness practices.



Merit Award: Pacific Science Center



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King Tut Public Relations Campaign for Pacific Science Center: The King Tut exhibition came to Pacific Science Center in 2012 for its final public showing before returning permanently to Egypt. Considered the grandest exhibition in the world, Pacific Science Center built a public relations campaign with equal grandeur. Combining high-impact stunts, longer running community visibility projects and strategic media events, the campaign far exceeded the ambitious goal of 200 million impressions, even before the exhibition opened to the public. Just weeks before the exhibition’s May opening, Seattle welcomed Anubis, the God of the Afterlife . The 26-foot-tall statue (a modern-day artifact, not from Tut’s day) towered over the other entries at the parade celebrating the opening of boating season before moving into position at King Street Station, which was renamed King “Tut” Street Station, for the run of the exhibition. These two stunts garnered widespread local, regional and national coverage, including placement on the homepage of MSN.com, the Today Show website and dozens of other outlets. In partnership with Amtrak, a train engine was wrapped with the likeness of Tut, creating a huge media buzz from Portland all the way to Vancouver, B.C. By the end of the 11-month campaign, it had generated more than 316 million media impressions in outlets including Associate Press, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Vancouver Sun, The Oregonian, The Seattle Times and all major regional broadcast affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.


Merit Mention: PRR


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Thanks to You Campaign, Pike Place Market: In 2008, Seattle voters overwhelmingly passed a six-year tax levy to complete infrastructure repairs and renovations for the 105-year-old Pike Place Market. When major components were completed in April 2012, the Market selected our agency to design and implement a six-week-long “Thank to You” marketing campaign to recognize and show appreciation for the generosity of Seattle taxpayers and key Market supporters, and the patience and tenacity of tenants and residents. The $45,000 campaign was infused with a mix of marketing tactics, including media relations, social media, partnership outreach, and a series of educational signs about the improvements that were installed around the Market. Despite only six weeks to establish the marketing campaign’s strategy and execute tactics, the Seattle community heard Pike Place Market’s thank you loud and clear. The marketing team placed 47 stories in print, online, radio, and television outlets; distributed 10,000 brochures; engaged local partners, including the Seattle Sounders; designed thank you cards for key stakeholders; assisted with community celebrations; and produced a short video that has won Telly, MarCom, AVA, and Videographer awards. The campaign was highly visible, media stories reflected key messages, social media sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, and overall, nearly 3 million people were reached.


Public Service Announcement

Winner: Frause

Zoomin’ Through the Sound: Sound Transit’s Be Smart. Be Safe. campaign was designed to educate people how to stay safe around tracks and trains along the expanded commuter train service from Tacoma to Lakewood, Washington. With the heightened frequency and speed of commuter trains, it was critical to provide public education about the need to obey signs and signals.

A music video featuring local band, the Blue Scholars, was produced to communicate serious forewarnings to the community. With embedded safety messages, the video – called “Zoomin’ through the Sound” – captured the attention of young people, a key targeted campaign audience. We posted “Zoomin’ through the Sound” on YouTube, where to date it has experienced more than 128,000 views.


Merit Award: Craters of the Moon


COTM_Ibañez_MM 2013 Final

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence “Ibañez”: This unprecedented campaign for WSCADV and Mariners CARE is the first in the nation to utilize MLB players to support the fight against domestic violence. Teaming up with the Seattle Mariners players, the Mariners manager and his wife, have courageously offered their voices to this important cause.



Merit Mention: Bullseye Creative

BALLE Be A Localist: BALLE invites you to Be A Localist! We encapsulated the organization’s mission with an animated kinetic type PSA video. With a dramatic script, custom musical score, and compelling motion graphics, we created a powerful presentation without the need for any voice-over … Saying so much without “saying” anything at all.


Social Media Campaign

Winner: The Fearey Group



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Swedish Cochlear Web Series Total Clips_10.11

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#SwedishHear: Cochlear Implant Awareness Campaign: Swedish Medical Center sought to raise significant awareness for cochlear implants, a device that can restore hearing to a deaf person. With support from the agency, Swedish launched the #SwedishHear campaign, which followed Eleanor Day in her journey to regain hearing via cochlear implant.

The team utilized YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, CoverItLive text chats and live video streams to engage people around the world in Mrs. Day’s journey and to educate the public about cochlear implants for hearing restoration. In addition, the team curated resources on a single webpage to host the series and all educational content (www.Swedish.org/swedishhear). The site will serve as an ongoing resource for hearing loss education.

Mrs. Day’s surgery was broadcasted from the operating room live via Instagram, allowing people to witness it first-hand. The surgery was simultaneously narrated on Twitter. Media and public demand was so strong following the live-Instagrammed surgery that the team live-streamed Mrs. Day’s device activation one week later. The live stream was hosted on the nation’s most influential media websites and was coined the most interesting health story of 2012 by The Atlantic.

Leading up to the surgery, nine educational videos were created to provide additional context and information about hearing loss and cochlear implants. Video topics included FAQs, patient testimonials, hearing test simulations, interviews with patient advocates and tips for maintaining healthy hearing.

The communications team generated 72 high profile media placements (17 million PR impressions) around the world. More than 1,000 viewers tuned in for the live-streamed events; the campaign received 2,100 likes on Instagram photos and countless retweets and shares were received on Twitter. The stream also resulted in half-a-dozen patients scheduling appointments for hearing tests at Swedish.


Merit Award: Curator


Seattle SuperSonics Rally: On Sept. 10, 2012 this campaign generated more then 300,000 social media impressions, just 36 hours after launch of the site, in support of Chris Hansen’s efforts to build a basketball and ice hockey arena in Sodo, as a major step in returning the Sonics to Seattle. The large crowd that assembled in the Sodo neighborhood included several TV news crews, as well as now-Governor Jay Inslee and Sonics legend Slick Watts.