2012 Winners—Out-of-Home

Trade Show Exhibit

Winner: C Squared Advertising


Domtar Papermaking Trade Show Exhibit: By using a log as its medium, this exhibit vividly illustrates the process and sustainability aspects of papermaking. The display draws in exhibit-goers, then showcases how every part of the log is used, from sustainable tree harvesting to the reuse of byproducts to end-products such as diapers and candy wrappers..


Merit Award: Rainier Industries

photo 8

Bethesda Software: Custom gaming stations, booth graphics and signage for Bethesda Software booth at the PAX East Trade Show.


Merit Mention: Beyond Traditional


Yahoo! Internet Week NY 2012 – Exhibit: Beyond Traditional helped Yahoo! transform its event space at Internet Week NY into a high-tech, interactive lounge and to introduce the online giant’s newest innovation – Yahoo! Genome. The lounge was complete with video walls and touch–screens that displayed web apps, video content and live streaming media from Yahoo! channels..


Large Format: Decorative Graphic

Winner: Rainier Industries



Dow Olympic Stadium Wrap: The Dow Chemical Company, an Olympic Sponsor, selected our agency to produce and install the London 2012 Olympic Stadium Wrap. Designed to envelop the entire outside facade of the stadium, the wrap encircles an area of over 200,010 square feet and includes 336 panels.


Large Format: Advertising


Winner: Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener


Explore More. Spend Less.: This campaign is about why people travel. It’s about the need to explore and discover the off-the-beaten path. We call them micro-experiences — those small, shareable events that separate a memorable vacation from a forgettable one. Alaska Airlines empowers this spirit of discovery by making travel affordable and accessible.


Merit Award: Titan Outdoor


Wherever you roll, we’re there.: Watch as Navy Federal Credit Union’s Pierce Transit fullwrap moves through jagged terrain, this high-impact creative rolls through the streets of Pierce County daily.


Merit Mention: Beyond Traditional


E. Jack in the Box – Late Night Projections: Jack in the Box® contacted Our agency to help encourage the San Jose late night crowd to try the new Munchie Meal. We responded by launching large-scale projections outside the most popular nightlife hotspots in San Jose. In just nine weeks, the campaign garnered half a million impressions.



Winner: Bullseye Creative


Nick’s Jr. Building Graphics: How do you turn a Mexican restaurant/gift shop into a funky burger & gyro diner with nothing more than paint and graphics? That was our design challenge, and we sunk our teeth right into this meaty mission. We took the new shop’s name, “Nick’s Jr. Burgers & Gyros,” and created a devilish cow character out of the exterior window shapes (making clever use of the distinctly southwest arched window frames). Using bright red/black/white colors and bold graphics, the whole building was transformed into the Nick’s Jr. character. Inside, diners line up against a white wall that we plastered with high-impact graphics and phrases. Deliciously creative! Double-click on the image above to view more photos.


Merit Award: AllOver Media


Washington Lottery Truckside Campaign: The agency partners with independently-owned fleets of delivery and courier trucks and leases the space on the box of their vehicles to resell this space to advertisers. Like traditional outdoor advertising, truckside billboards provide large, high-impact visual panels to depict your message at a fraction of the cost.


Merit Mention: Craters of the Moon


“Beacon Plumbing”: Unlimited Hydroplane design for Beacon Plumbing and Schumacher Racing. Legendary Unlimited Hydroplane driver Billy Schumacher’s U-37 hull design for the 2012 Unlimited Hydroplane racing season. (From Craters of the Moon, no sheet, found in back-end)


Guerrilla Campaign

Winner: Pacific Science Center


King Tut Exhibit- Hunt for the Golden Ticket: He was the king of bling, and when King Tut’s riches went on display at Pacific Science Center, Seattle went on its own search for gold- golden tickets, that is. Hidden inside hundreds of specially-designed Fran’s gold bars were golden tickets redeemable for treasures of all kinds. The campaign inspired a feeling of nostalgia (It’s like a real-life Willy Wonka adventure!) and wave of excitement as the community raced to uncover a glint of gold inside scrumptious chocolate bars.


Merit Award: Beyond Traditional


The Jack Burger Truck Southeast Sampling Tour – CMA Fan Fest 2012 Kickoff Event: The Jack Burger Truck launched its tour of the Southeast at the CMA Music Festival in June 2012. Over four days, The Jack Burger Truck served over 8,000 burgers and helped raise $4,000+ for the CMAFoundation. As the highlight of the event, we offered a Jack in the Box® mechanical bull ride!


Merit Mention: Colehour+Cohen

Find Your Frequency Campaign: Find Your Frequency is a campaign co-created by four public health agencies to encourage men who have sex with men in King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties to test more often for HIV. It launched at Seattle Pride in 2012 with trampolines, bike and mobile billboards, boxer shorts and air cannons.


Identity/Decorative Signage

Winner: Popich Sign Company


Tehaleh Trail Signs: Navigating the 7.5 miles of trails through the Tehaleh Community requires direction. The sign company made Communita Design’s vision come to life with a collection of custom-built corten steel bases, phenolic wayfinding panels and hand-painted directional rocks.


Merit Award: BrandQuery


Mount Vernon High School Hall of Fame Redesign: Mount Vernon HS Hall of Fame redesign, by our agency architects. Original gym floor panels were reused in trophy cases, above with mascot name and mounted high as canvases featuring athlete images. Complete photo grid system, and identification signage throughout. Gym end wall graphics and exterior aluminum dimensional signage.


Merit Mention: Blankslate Creative


Univera Brand Experience Space: The agency created an environment for a leading nutraceutical company’s corporate offices that surrounds visitors with the warmth of its mission and the power of its products. Anchored in a modern graphic aesthetic, the design approach found harmony between science and nature by juxtaposing contrasting materials like acrylic, metal and wood.


Specialty Items/Award


Winner: Fireborne Corporate Awards


Microsoft Technical Recognition Award: Microsoft’s challenge: Create a peer-recognition award for the company’s top technical talent that embodies innovation, collaboration and forward-thinking leadership. To honor legendary technical achievement, Microsoft’s Technical Community Network (TCN) choose our agency to design and produce a sophisticated, elegant and technically intriguing award that would become “legendary” in its own right.