2011 Winners—Out-of-Home



Winner: Clear Channel Outdoor

TITLE: Seattle Aquarium – Moon Jellies: Creative usage of reflective printing application for glowing appearance.

CLIENT: Seattle Aquarium

CREDITS: Creative Director: Jim Copacino
Copywriter: Mike Hayward
Art Director: Kurt Reifschneider
Electronic Production Studio Manager: Todd Hofmeister
Print Production Manager: Ashley Ernst



Merit Award: Copacino+Fujikado

TITLE: Mariners Ichiro “Egg Bat”: This transit sign illustrates how “hot” Ichiro’s bat can get.

CLIENT: Seattle Mariners

CREDITS: Creative Director: Jim Copacino
Copywriter: Mike Hayward
Art Director: Kurt Reifschneier
Electronic Production Studio Manager: Todd Hofmeister
Electronic Production Artist: Brian Alter


Merit Mention: Titan Outdoor

TITLE: “Get Away Along The Way” Amtrak Cascades: Exterior and Interior transit campaign on King County Metro and Community transit buses to promote free wi-fi available on Amtrak Cascades.

CLIENT: Amtrak Cascades

CREDITS: Art Director: Stephanie Schreiber
Creative Director: Jeff Sanborn



Trade Show Exhibit


Winner: Rainier Industries

TITLE: Yahoo TV CES Trade Show Booth: The Yahoo TV tradeshow booth for CES was engineered and produced using a frame and fabric technology that was modular and lightweight. Custom kiosks promoted product interactivity with the show attendees.


CREDITS: The Colt Group


Merit Award: BIGink

TITLE: Boeing Trade Show Exhibit: The agency produced and mounted graphics to modular structures used for a series of Boeing Trade Shows. This picture is from the Washington DC show.

CLIENT: Boeing

CREDITS: Boeing Graphic Services




Merit Mention: cka Creative

TITLE: Take Shape – Microsoft Arc Mouse: Here’s how we tell the story of one of the most unique industrial design approaches to the mobile mouse – arc it and it turns on, flatten it and it turns off, allowing you to easily slip it away on the go. And it’s even touch sensitive. Double-click on image above to view additional images.

CLIENT: Microsoft

CREDITS: Jim Carey, Mark Anderson, Dan Fraser


Large Format


Winner: Copacino+Fujikado

TITLE: 3-D Painter: This wallscape illustrates that LifeWise is there to support you where ever you are and what ever you’re doing (even if it’s perched high on a bench painting a wallscape).

CLIENT: Lifewise Health Plan of Washington

CREDITS: Creative Director: Jim Copacino
Copywriter: Mike Hayward
Art Director: Shawn Herron
Electronic Production Studio Manager: Todd Hofmeister
Print Production Manager: Anita Lillig



Merit Award: Copacino + Fujikado

TITLE: Moon Jellies: During the day, a traditional outdoor board. At night, UV-sensitive paint and black lights turned it into Seattle’s largest black light poster.

CLIENT: Seattle Aquarium

CREDITS: Creative Director: Jim Copacino
Copywriter: Mike Hayward
Art Director: Kurt Reifschneider
Electronic Production Studio Manager: Todd Hofmeister
Print Production Manager: Ashley Ernst



Merit Mention: BIGink

TITLE: Swedish Pediatrics Environmental Graphics: An inviting atmosphere welcomes young patients and their families to the Swedish Pediatrics Center in Seattle. The entrant was selected to produce and install graphics throughout the Pediatrics floor. The creative originated from great minds at Worker Bee’s and Turnstyle Studio. Children’s art images were donated by the nonprofit Art with Heart. The use of wall paper, dimensional lettering, window graphics, wall vinyl and custom art pieces throughout the floor and patient rooms provide a comforting backdrop for families and staff members as they care for their special visitors.

CLIENT: Swedish Hospital

CREDITS: Worker Bees, Turnstyle Studio, Art with Heart





Winner: Creature

TITLE: HP Big Play 4D Projection: Creature uses cutting edge 4D technology to help HP take over the New York night for a special Holiday message featuring the HP TouchSmart 520.

CLIENT: Hewlett-Packard

CREDITS: Executive Creative Directors: Jim Haven and Matt Peterson
Associate Creative Directors: Pat Horn and Hemant Anant Jain
Producer: Kaylin Fitzpatrick
Client Services Manager: Nick Stoolman
Content/Animation/Production Partner: Drive (UK)
Production Partner: TH Productions



Merit Award (Tie): BIGink

TITLE: Red Bull Stairway Graphics: The entrant produced and installed the Red Bull graphics at the “Hawks Nest” at CenturyLink Field. In this unique application, the graphics were designed and applied in strips to the underside of the concrete stair risers. When viewing from a distance the strips reveal a continuous image.

CLIENT: Red Bull


Merit Award (Tie): Cole & Weber United

TITLE: Bad Gift Faces – Emma: We showcased a series of “bad gift faces” to remind people that Scratch-off lottery tickets are a great alternative to most small and uninspired gifts. In each, a character with a look of surprised disappointment receives a gift. These over-sized posters were placed in mall atriums during the holiday shopping season.

CLIENT: Washington’s Lottery

CREDITS: Advertising Agency: Cole & Weber United
Art Director: Nick Bruskewitz
Copywriter: Jessica Urgo
Digital Artist: Nate Zentz
Producer: Aylin Koker

Other than agency
Photographer: Derek Blagg





Winner: Canlis

TITLE: 2011 Canlis Social Media Campaigns: In 2011, the owners set out to engage social media in a new way. Working from their brief that social media is relational and needs to include more of a “give and take” mentality by the industry, they launched three shoe-string budget campaigns. From news-worthy menu hunts to Morse Code and secret dinners, the brothers won national attention for their creativity and paradigm-shifting.

CLIENT: Canlis

CREDITS: Mark Canlis & Brian Canlis



Merit Award: Bullseye Creative

TITLE: Seattle Boat Show “Get Out And Boat” Guerrilla Campaign: Capitalizing on the fact that we were entering a presidential election year, the campaign centered on using “BOAT” as a play on the word “VOTE.” For months, The agency and a team of volunteers hit the streets at strategic times and locations to spread our message. Phrases like “Rock the Boat,” “Exercise Your Right to Boat,” “Every Boat Counts,” and “Boat Early Boat Often” blanketed targeted neighborhoods of the city.

We distributed buttons and bumper stickers at other boating events, we held mock rallies and “protests” with picket signs, we staged “exit polls” and “boater registration drives” outside marinas, and we planted our campaign yard signs right next to authentic political signs. We also developed a social media strategy on both Facebook and Twitter. Finally, on November 8, 2011 (election day) our brave group of volunteers held a collection of guerilla campaign posters over the freeway overpass.

All of these messages led our audiences to a guerilla campaign website (www.getoutandboat.com) where we offered downloads, photo galleries, polls and more. We received thousands of visitors, and dozens of of requests for fake political signs came in through the site as area boaters clamored to show their support.

(The last two pages of the PDF show how the guerilla eventually transitioned to the official advertising campaign for the “Boat 2012” show.)

Our primary goal was to stimulate interest in the world of boating during the “off-season.” Since our primary show advertising typically doesn’t launch until a few weeks before the show, we worked to make sure boating was a Top Of Mind topic with the Seattle boating community. In the interest of driving more boat sales at the show, we wanted to get people in a “Boating State of Mind” prior to our official advertising campaign, and to promote the fun energy that surrounds the boating lifestyle. Double-click on image above to view the entire campaign.

CLIENT: Northwest Marine Trade Association (Seattle Boat Show)

CREDITS: James Klauser, Peter Klauser, Robb Bartlett, Peter Noonan, Megan Ferland, Jamie Morley, Travis Kubicek


Merit Mention: Beyond Traditional

TITLE: Qdoba Seattle and the Ultimate Tailgating Experience: The agency partnered with Qdoba Seattle to launch the second year of Ultimate Tailgating Experience. In 2011, it upped the ante to provide fans with an unexpected and unforgettable pre-game experience that not only generated an explosion of Qdoba Seattle Facebook fans and increased Qdoba Rewards Card members, but demonstrated Qdoba’s brand pillars: grilled, fresh and fun. Double-click on image above to view the entire campaign.

CLIENT: Qdoba Seattle

CREDITS: Chris Schuler, President
Samuel Bolland, Account Director
Jamie Hall, Account Manager
Ryan Moss, Creative Director





Winner: Hansen Belyea

TITLE: Market Fresh Cafe Signage: Promoting healthy eating, Market Fresh Cafe is the branding program developed for Renton Schools Nutrition Services. The logo is used on site signage, electronic menu boards and food labels.

CLIENT: Renton Schools Nutrition Services

CREDITS: Strategic Director: Patricia Belyea
Design Director: Ron Lars Hansen
Designer: Nina Davenport



Merit Award: Michael Courtney Design

TITLE: University of Washington “W”: Monument/Branding dominating the main entrance to the University of Washington campus.

CLIENT: University of Washington

CREDITS: Creative Director: Michael Courtney
Designers: Landon Fisher, Michael Courtney



Merit Mention: Michael Courtney Design

TITLE: Technology Client – South Lake Union, Seattle: Develop campus-wide wayfinding and signage program for a global technology client. Design direction: quirky, authentic. Applied to multiple buildings – interior and exterior, outdoor spaces and plazas, and garages.

CLIENT: Not Disclosed

CREDITS: Michael Courtney Design team



Specialty Items/Award


Winner: Fireborne Corporate Awards

TITLE: RealNetworks 10-Year Service Award: RealNetworks creates products and services that make it easier for people to access and enjoy digital media on the devices and platforms they choose to use. On the occasion of a team member’s 10-year anniversary, to show their appreciation, the company commissions the agency to create this unique handmade blown glass art piece in RealNetworks’ signature colors.

CLIENT: RealNetworks

CREDITS: FIREBORNE Corporate Awards and Whidbey Island Glass Artists Dan and Joi LaChaussee



Merit Award (Tie): BDA

TITLE: Limited Edition Maxwell the Pig: Maxwell the Pig is an iconic character for the GEICO brand. The Maxwell the Pig Piggybank was first created for a Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting where it was so well received additional piggybanks were created for an event in limited quantity, and this year they will launch more Maxwell products.


CREDITS: Damien Shanahan



Merit Award (Tie): Blink Product Design

TITLE: Ferrari Maserati of Seattle Custom Drinkware: Ferrari and Maserati of Seattle turned to the agency for a really unique and high-end drinkware item that would be given to clients and employees. Rather than a tumbler with a logo, we suggested a fully-custom Coffee Tumbler with a full-color process graphics insert inside clear acrylic. It featured the latest Ferrari and Maserati car styles, the logos and the Seattle city skyline in the background. In addition, the interior of the tumbler featured the Ferrari and Maserati logos.

CLIENT: Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle

CREDITS: Katie Mack, Jena Miller, Jeff Stewart