2011 Winners—Media

TV: Spot News

Winner: KIRO Television

TITLE: Vancouver Riots: We watched this riot grow explosively – from a single burning car just feet away from us. Within minutes, violence and rage roiled through the streets like a giant wave. Being in the middle of this riot became downright dangerous. A fuel tank exploded 20-feet away from us. Ev eventually, we had to scramble our live truck out of the parking lot where police cars were being burned. We found a safe spot to edit, feed and show live pictures of the burning city across the river. Double-click on image above to view the video.

CREDITS: Gary Horsher, Jim Waltz and Mide Lozensky



Merit Award: PRR

TITLE: SunWise: The EPA’s SunWise “Don’t Fry Day” raises awareness about skin cancer prevention. In 2011, as part of an $8,000 campaign, the agency secured a CNN hit. The national story was syndicated in 18 media markets on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates, garnering 1,009,735 impressions and $84,299 in ad equivalents.

CLIENT: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

CREDITS: Keri Shoemaker, Andrea Wedderburn



TV: Investigative Reporting

Winner: KOMO Television

TITLE: SPD – Vanishing Videos: Vanishing Videos goal aimed to look inside reports of serious problems within the Seattle Police Department. What we found was that the very system designed to prevent misconduct is itself severely flawed, allowing thousands of pieces of video evidence to simply vanish.

CREDITS: Tracy Vedder


Merit Award: KOMO Television

TITLE: Terror on the Tracks: Terror on the Tracks exposed major gaps in freight rail security. Months of undercover work revealed trains left running unlocked, unguarded with the keys inside—a potential terrorist target.

CREDITS: Liz Rocca


Merit Mention: KIRO Television

TITLE: El Salvador Jet Repair: The TV news team investigators travel to El Salvador, uncovering a series of safety lapses at a Boeing jet maintenance facility: Unqualified $2-an-hour mechanics, use of broken parts, failures to connect electrical wiring inside the aircraft, and the hiring of workers who could not read the English-only jet repair manuals. Double-click on image above to view the video.

CREDITS: Chris Halsne and David Weed



Print Feature

Winner: City Arts Magazine

Gate-fold front cover
Gate-fold inside front cover

TITLE: City Arts Fest 2011: The 12 artists featured on the gate-fold cover represent many pockets of the arts in Seattle and all of them are part of the Heineken City Arts Fest. Photographer Andrew Waits and set decorator Jennifer Zeyl first got together with the City Arts staff to hatch the red-carpet concept, which Steve Korn shot at Velocity Dance Center on a hot day in early September, 2011. Double-click the “front cover” image above to download part 1 of the Festival Guide, double-click the “inside front cover” to download part 2.

CREDITS: Dan Paulus; photo by Steve Korn



Merit Award: Seattle magazine

TITLE: Nerd City: Feature story celebrating our local nerderati and our serious case of geek love. Double-click on cover above to download article.

CREDITS: Kendall Jones, Shannon Borg and Seattle magazine staff



Merit Mention: The Daily Herald

TITLE: A Spirit Undimmed: A remarkable 44-year-old woman, who survived a near-fatal car accident at age 15, lives in Darrington, Washington. In a coma for six months, she was not expected to live let alone function normally. This woman’s spirit against all odds is captured in this report. Double-click on cover above to download article.

CREDITS: Story by Gale Fiege, photos and video by Mark Mulligan



Print: Investigative


Winner: Seattle magazine

TITLE: Troubled Waters, March 2011: Investigative reporting on what marine scientists call ocean acidification-global warming’s doppelganger; and a look into recent studies showing how Puget Sound is particularly susceptible to its effect. Double-click on cover above to download article.

CREDITS: Maria Dolan



Merit Award: The Daily Herald

TITLE: Aaron Reardon used county phone for campaign-related calls, records suggest: Checking out allegations against our county executive, reporters sifted through thousands of phone records. Their data revealed a pattern of politicking from a county office, on a county phone during county business hours. Double-click on front page above to download article.

CREDITS: Scott North and Noah Haglund



Print: Special Section


Winner: 425 Magazine

TITLE: Best of 425: The annual special section is a reader-generated poll of local favorites, covering everything from restaurants, to doctors, hotels businesses and more. Double-click on cover above to download article.

CREDITS: Allen Cox and Jenny Lynn Zappala


Merit Award: The Daily Herald

TITLE: Next Stop: The World: A section marking Boeing’s delivery of its new airliner, then 787, to its first commercial customer — and assessing the impact of the plane will have on its competitive standing in the world. Double-click on cover above to download article.

CREDITS: Michelle Dunlop, Mike Benbow, Katie Mayer, Justin Best and the Herald staff



Merit Mention: PRR

TITLE: SunWise: The EPA’s SunWise raises awareness about ozone depletion and negative health effects of the sun’s UV radiation. In 2011, with an $8,000 budget, the agency secured 79.6 million impressions ($1,496,109 in media value), which included working with USA TODAY’s Weather page on an infographic based on our press release.

CREDITS: Keri Shoemaker and Andrea Wedderburn



Web: Business or Personal Blog


Winner: Rod Brooks

TITLE: Seeing The Edge Blog: The next time you’re handed a quarter, look at it carefully. Are you the exception to the rule—able to look beyond the obvious and see what others don’t? In my blog, “Seeing The Edge”—I attempt to do just that—identify and describe favorable positions, competitive advantages and special memories that have enabled careers to flourish, businesses to grow, families to excel and dreams to come true. Join me and look beyond the obvious. See the edge! Double-click on image above to visit the blog.

CREDITS: Rod Brooks



Merit Award: Horsfall Creative

TITLE: The Talking Horse Blog: News, musings and occasional comments of dubious distinction. Stories about memorable moments, talented people and the history of Seattle advertising and design. Double-click on image above to visit blog.

CREDITS: Owner/Creative Director: David Horsfall



Merit Mention: Girvin

TITLE: Girvin | Strategic Branding Blog: It’s never what’s on the surface, it’s what lies beneath – the sub-surface, the meditative, the contemplated, the described, the designed and newly defined. The blogger focused on storytelling – telling stories about the blogger’s history, trends and insights – approaching 40 years in the trade, personally crafted, owner-built and sustained. Double-click on image above to visit blog.

CREDITS: Tim Girvin, Chris Moorhead



Web: Community Site/Webinar


Winner: Bullseye Creative

TITLE: ThinkRedmond.com: The agency designed and developed this robust business-directory website for the city’s “Shop Local” campaign. The clean layout and easy-to-use navigation complement the city’s rich, textural landscape. The agency built the site on their own Content Management System (CMS) complete with a User Management System (USM). The UMS enables each business owner to log into a secure control panel and update their business listing(s). Double-click on image above to download select pages or click here to visit blog.

CLIENT: City of Redmond, WA

CREDITS: Robb Bartlett, Peter Noonan, Megan Ferland, Peter Klauser, James Klauser, Jamie Morley, Travis Kubicek

Merit Award: B-Town Blog

TITLE: The B-Town (Burien) Blog: Local community news website for a Washington town. Updated daily with local news, events, arts, entertainment, photos, videos and more! Double-click on image above to visit blog.

CREDITS: Founder/Publisher/Editor: Scott Schaefer
Associate Publisher: Jack Mayne
Senior Writer: Ralph Nichols
Writer/Sales: Mark Neuman
Intern: Bryan Charles



Merit Mention: Molly Murrah

TITLE: Watercolor 101 Webinar: The entrant created the course content and gave a one class per week, five-week webinar on watercolor painting that was streamed live to beginning painters worldwide. A total of 1,350 people registered to participate in the course and the entrant did live demonstrations of various painting techniques while answering questions from students in the classroom itself and through an online chat room. Double-click on image above to visit blog.

CREDITS: Molly Murrah