2011 Winners—Direct Marketing



Winner: Darigold

TITLE: Darigold Calendar/Mailer: This 12-month Ladies of the Field 2012 Calendar was sent as a mail piece to select Darigold customers. It features photographs and clever quips of an alluring array of four-legged “calendar girls.”

CLIENT: Darigold

CREDITS: Creative Director: EJ Armstrong
Design: Alicia Nammacher
Copyrighting: Susan Volland


Merit Award: Hodgson/Meyers

TITLE: “K.O. Churn”: Cable, satellite and TV companies face never-ending customer churn. Our objective was to introduce CSG’s new-customer retention product to 100 hard-to-reach senior executives from such organizations like Comcast, DISH and Time Warner. Double-click on box above to view additional images.

CLIENT: CSG International

CREDITS: Creative Director: Gary Meyers
Writer: Gary Graf
Art Director: Charlie Worcester
Production: Willem Buys


Merit Mention: Doug & Diane Creative Partners

TITLE: Fluke ScopeMeter Video Book: For the global launch of a new ScopeMeter, video books were air expressed to top sales people worldwide. Touch a button and one of five stories plays in high-def video and audio. The books, translated into five languages, generated tremendous excitement both as a sales tool and customer leave-behind. Click Here to view the video.

CLIENT: Fluke Corporation

CREDITS: Art Director: Doug Hansen
Copywriter, Project Manager: Diane Sorensen





Winner: Blankslate Creative

TITLE: Holiday Spirits 2011: Fashioned after a fire extinguisher cabinet, the gift came in a small red box stating, “IN CASE OF LOW SPIRITS BREAK GLASS”. Inside was a flask and folding tag thanking clients for their business. The piece was incredibly well-received and has resulted in both new work and several rekindled relationships. Double-click on box above to view additional images.

CLIENT: Blankslate Creative

CREDITS: Creative Director: Jim Craig
Designer: Sandy Roberts


Merit Award: Walsh Design

TITLE: Kate’s Energy Bars: The agency designed Kate’s packaging with the goal of creating a package that would carry through Kate’s complete line of bars, boldly and consistently, while at the same time reinforcing the story and illustrations that originally launched her brand. Kate also wanted to show her product by incorporating a window in the package.

Kate’s story: In pursuit of a flavorful life, Kate moved to Jackson Hole in the early ’90s. Not long after, she created the original Tram Bar, a pocket-sized meal for playing in the mountains and skiing slopes all day long. Made of organic ingredients and a unique texture and flavor combination, the bars quickly became a local favorite for their unbelievable taste and sustaining energy. Now, Kate’s flavors (either as a meal or a snack) are famous with outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, foodies and everyone in between!

CLIENT: Kate’s Real Food

CREDITS: Designer: Miriam Lisco
Illustrators: Julie Dean and Michael Massie


Merit Mention: Blink Product Design

TITLE: Alpine Ascents Rises to the Occasion with Custom Mailer: Alpine Ascents International is a Seattle-based mountaineering guide company. They wanted to enhance their direct mail with a customized padded envelope. We worked with Alpine Ascents to create a full-color image of their highly sought-after Mount Everest climbing route. The resulting USPS-approved envelope stands out from boring manila mailers, is instantly recognizable and represents Alpine Ascent’s brand. If you want to know more about Alpine Ascents’ mountain climbing expeditions, visit their website www.alpineascents.com

CLIENT: Alpine Ascents International

CREDITS: Katie Mack




Winner: Hodgson/Meyers

TITLE: “Special Ops” – CSG International Integrated Campaign, Automated Voice Solutions Products: Objective: Campaign that would reach, and move, extremely hard-to-reach senior executives. Solution: Multi-piece “Mission Impossible/Special Ops” campaign, anchored by highly customized dimensional mail, including a “dossier” and MP3 player with personalized video. Results: 20% response. Marketing VP called it “most effective, most creative campaign he’d ever seen.” Click here to view video.

CLIENT: CSG International

CREDITS: Executive Creative Director: Gary Meyers
Creative Director: Tim Hodgson
Writer: Gary Graf
Art Director: Charlie Worcester
Print Production: Willem Buys
Account Director: Jason Frummet
Project Manager: Erin McNiff
Interactive Developer: Craig Labenz
Video Director/Post-Production: Matt Billings & Spin Creative


Merit Award: Darigold

TITLE: Darigold Campaign: A campaign created by Darigold. Double-click on the image above to download the full campaign. Click here to view video.

CLIENT: Darigold

Creative Director: EJ Armstrong
Design: Alicia Nammacher
Copyrighting: Susan Volland

Fresh Magazine:
Creative Director: EJ Armstrong
Design: Alicia Nammacher
Copyrighting: Jess Thomson

Video: Armstrong Photography


Merit Mention: Craters of the Moon

TITLE: Seattle ADDY Awards (Toes, Hot Tub, Shower, Toilet): Email headers for Seattle ADDY call for entries. Double-click on the image above to download the full campaign.

CLIENT: Seattle Ad Club

CREDITS: Creative Director: Kevin Nolan
Writer: Vandy Kindred
Art Director: Kevin Nolan
Photography: iStock
Account Executives:
Alyssa Taylor
Ashley Ernst
Renee Peterson
George Riddell